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'Raymond Weil stands out for its dynamic and pioneering character'Olivier Bernheim, CEO of Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil are a very young company in comparison to some, having started in just 1976, but the family-run business has found popularity through the beautiful styling and exquisite quality of their timepieces - this is despite being founded during the quartz revolution that nearly saw an end to luxury watches.

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Raymond Weil History

The History of Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil is a very special company, and one of only a handful of Swiss manufacturers that still operate under the control of the founding family. A relatively young business started by Raymond Weil in 1976, they approached the watchmaking industry as traditionally as possible, in the time-honoured Swiss fashion.

At the time, the future of luxury watches was looking bleak. Quartz technology was squeezing mechanical movements out of the frame, and the global economy was poised to collapse. Starting a business was risky at best - starting a luxury business was financial madness. But this didn't stop Raymond and his son-in-law, Oliver Bernheim, from making Raymond Weil a success. In 1982, Oliver modernised the basis of how the Raymond Weil watch company operated, working hard to develop new marketing opportunities globally. His appointment reinforced the family-run nature of the business, something very dear to Raymond.

The influences of art have always been evident in the work of Raymond Weil, starting with the launch of the Amadeus range alongside the release of Milo Forman's film of the same title. The artistic themes continued with the Fidelio collection, inspired by Beethoven's only opera. It tells the story of Florestan, who attempts to expose the crimes of wicked nobleman, Pizarro. Pizarro captures Florestan, and locks him in the prison of which he is governor. Florestan's wife, Leonore, disguises herself as a boy seeking employment at the prison, and slowly works out a plan to free him.

The Fidelio watch collection reflects the duality displayed by Florestan's wife through the contrasting polished and satin finishes on its gold case, and set the mould for Raymond Weil's future collections. Raymond Weil stunned the world again with the launch of the Othello collection, infusing avant-garde design with elegant, intriguing shapes. Its ultrathin case lifted the success of the brand higher than ever before, the timeless pieces becoming must-have items.

Further Raymond Weil collections, true to the artistic nature of the company, continued to wow audiences with their style and enduring classicalism. Utilising bold, award-winning advertising, Oliver - who had become CEO of the company by 1996 - steered Raymond Weil to the popularity it still enjoys today, adding series such as Shine, Parsifal and Noemia to its already impressive collection. The introduction of complications in 2004 added an extra sense of excitement to Raymond Weil watches, further increasing the appeal and usability of the collection.

Bigger, bolder pieces, using varieties of materials and colours, have continued to keep the avant-garde spirit of Raymond Weil alive, and new concepts and evolving classics shall continue to push the company's work to the forefront of fashion. Exciting and enticing customers globally, Raymond and Oliver have managed to maintain the solid foundation that built the company; the family. Given the success that Raymond Weil has had throughout its past, grandsons Elie and Pierre Bernheim should be sure to secure a bright future, with the bold, eye catching designs that they continue to produce.

Raymond Weil Series

Raymond Weil Allegro

The simplistic and elegant Raymond Weil Allegro shares the same characteristics as its namesake in the lightness, smoothness and effortlessness... read more

Raymond Weil Classic

Traditional Swiss made watches don't come much more elegant than the Raymond Weil Classic collection, a showcase of reserve that balances... read more

Raymond Weil Don Giovanni

The Opera 'Don Giovanni' was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and first performed in 1787. It successfully blends a serious performance... read more

Raymond Weil Fidelio

The one and only opera by Ludwig van Beethoven, 'Fidelio' tells the political story of a woman who disguises herself as... read more

Raymond Weil Flamenco

Declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the cultural heritage organisation UNESCO, traditional... read more

Raymond Weil Freelancer

As one of the last independent, family run watchmaking companies in Switzerland, Raymond Weil takes great pride in its heritage and status... read more

Raymond Weil Nabucco

Nabucco, short for Nabucodonosor, is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi that tells the story of King Nabucco's exile of the Jews from their homeland... read more

Raymond Weil Noemia

Named after the feminine grace of Mr. Raymond Weil's grand-daughter, the Raymond Weil Noemia is an exercise is sophistication, subtlety and... read more

Raymond Weil Othello

Based on a short story by Giovanni Battista Giraldi, Shakespeare's tragedy Othello serves as the basis of inspiration for the Raymond Weil... read more

Raymond Weil Parsifal

As Richard Wagner's last completed opera, Parsifal was an epic tale of an Arthurian knight and his quest for the Holy Grail. Blending precious... read more

Raymond Weil RW

To create a range of sports watches with power, character and style, Raymond Weil looked to the automotive industry for inspiration. Combining... read more

Raymond Weil Shine

Like the sparkling diamonds adorning the case, the Raymond Weil Shine collection is a glittering display of femininity and glamour as an ode to the... read more

Raymond Weil Tango

The Tango is a dance that originated in Argentina from the influences of European and African heritage, and is a strong, passionate and sensual... read more

Raymond Weil Toccata

From the Italian, 'to touch,' Toccata is a piece of fast-flowing music played predominantly with a plucked string instrument or piano. The classical... read more

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